The best sparring partner you can buy for a young martial artist!!

Bobby Bully, Kids Manikin Punching Bag For Kids. Bobby Bully Kids Punching Bag is a great partner for sparring techniques or target training. It serves your child like a traditional boxing punching bag but gives the user some targets to focus on for self defense. Such as; eye gouging, ear slaps, strikes to the throat, kidney and stomach. Using this type of visual striking can help your child defend him/her self in case he/she gets unexpectedly attacked.

This form of punching bag work out is more for and advanced child or youth who has developed some self training ability and is looking for more than just a traditional punching bag work out. Advanced child students love to train with Bobby Bully Kids Punching bag. Features two height adjustments ranging from 4’2” to 4” 7” tall. Manikin is 29” X 20” 8 ½” base diameter is 22” when it’s properly filled with water it weighs 170lbs.

Comes with a one year manufacturing warranty. This Item has a $15.00 oversize packaging fee not calculated on original invoice.