The Kid Kick Portable Punching Bag is the best choice punching and kicking boxing bag for kids 4-10 years of age.

Your kids do not need to be in Martial Arts Training to be able to use a punching and kicking boxing bag. The Kid Kick punching and kicking boxing bag is a perfect size to practice some simple jabs, cross punch, and combination punching routine. Its durability makes it a safe item to keep around the house. The Kid Kick Wavemaster has the Kid Kick logo screened on the front to allow students a target when practicing kicks and punches.

It features:

Four height adjustments up to 52 inches.

Durable vinyl cover with high impact foam.

Base is shipped empty and you fill it with water or fill it with sand for more stability.

Weighs approximately 170lbs when filled with water, It weighs more if you fill it with sand.

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