Week Two: Gamecocks Get The Drives and The Win.

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South Carolina definitely had the momentum in the first halfand the Gamecocks continued to stay motivated and they keep their advantage. They dominated the Georgias defensive line. The 17-6 final is a number that stings.

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Usually if you win a turnover battle, you win the game, but that wasn't the case.

SC controlled the clock and that was the key in this victory.

When it comes to an SEC East game, it comes down to which defense plays better. And clearly South Carolinas defense was hungrier than Georgias when it came down to making a play.

SC offensive line dominated Georgias defensive line of scrimmage all day and one of my Kelins Keys to the Game said that the team that dominated the line of scrimmage would win the game and that is now a fact.

On Defense, my hat goes off to Justin Houston for his amazing efforts and relentless attitude to sack the QB and make plays for Georgia.

Georgia has to go back to the drawing board and really work on making a statement in the SEC gamesthey cannot lose anymore SEC East games. This puts even more pressure on Georgia to make a statement and come out with a win against the Arkansas Razorbacks, with the number one quarterback in the nation. So that would make a statement, if they can stop the Razorbacks in Athens, GA next week.

SC came out and physically beat Georgia from the first play of the gamethe good thing is that college football is all about the next game and second chances.

For Aaron Murray, it was a very hostile environment for him to go out in the second half to manage. He grew up today in Columbia. He learned a lot from being on the road, for what it takes to be a QB in the he moved the ball down the field. He didn't panic. Unfortunately, Washaun Earlys fumble on the 5 yard line ended a great drive which gave the momentum back to SC. And once the momentum, switched back, Georgia couldn't get it back.

Tune in Monday at 10 PM on The Dawg Report on CSS for more of my KEYS to this game and a look ahead to next week when we go up against Arizona.

Possession Time

Georgia 24:45

South Carolina 35:15

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