A beautiful course!

I had remembered this race as being quite enjoyable in 2013. The course is indeed still beautiful, but there was something missing something important and it took me awhile to discover what it was. My thoughts went something like: "Hmm. Sleep? Why, yes! Now that you mention it, I did only get four hours last night that certainly IS something I could use more of. Caffeinated GU gels? Well, yeah, those are definitely not to be found out here in the country and I could certainly use another but after all, I could always scrounge dropped Shot Blocks off of the pavement "

until my "aha!" moment came around mile seven, right when I was looking around for a

porta potty.

I had not seen a single one, unless you count the two by the start line.

Now, normally this would not be an issue. If you recall from my post about running a marathon while pregnant, I have a deep, deep aversion to porta potties. I have very clever ways of getting around using them and I also have a very short list of situations that are dire enough to force me to step inside of one. It just so happens that the situation I was in today qualified.

Reason to use a porta potty #2: Needing to use the bathroom while surrounded by people on three sides and open fields on the fourth. (Reason #1, if you are curious, is running with extreme pressure on bladder due to pregnancy.)

Anyway, this is the one serious way in which AA Sports screwed up. But to give them credit, they had confirmed the porta potty delivery with an independent company who blew them off, so they we're as surprised as we. Could they have handled it differently? An announcement at the start line, perhaps, to warn participants? And an offer of a refund to people who cannot run / walk 13.1 miles without a pit stop? I imagine so. Could they have had a back-up plan of some sort? A second porta potty contractor on speed dial? Yes, I believe they could have.

But you get the picture shit happens (or, in this case, doesn't happen) and we survive.

Other than my utter lack of sleep, my choice to wear old running shoes, and the unfortunate lack of facilities on this run, it was the same beautiful jaunt through the countryside that I remember from last year.

As you can see (sort of), the little rolling hills offered pretty views. Even the repeat loop at the end (between miles 4-8 and again at miles 8-12) wasn't bad. I amused myself by wondering how in the world everyone around me seemed to be calmly jogging (including a man pushing his 21-month old daughter in a jogging stroller) when I felt like I was running close to lightning-bolt speed and still not moving forward. Perspective, I concluded. Einstein's theory of relativity at work once again.

Posted in Sport Post Date 04/13/2016