Keystone Puckheads Midseason Hardware Predictions

The way the season is unfolding, I think the only easy category to choose right now is the Art Ross, as Sid is running away with the points lead. I expect Stamkos to throw the Lightning on his back and drag them into the playoffs with his goal scoring, but he's within striking distance of Kunitz, Neal, and others. I agree with you on the Selke, although Eric Staal and is having a remarkable two-way season, as well as Alex Semin who may be knocked for effort at times, but actually is a very responsible defensive forwardand you know Datsyuk will be discussed there.

Jack Adams you think would be a lock for Quenville in Chicago, but you cannot discount what Bruce Boudreau (ANA), Michel Therrien (MTL) and my pick, Paul McLean (OTT) have done for their teams. I took McLean because of the insane rash of high end injuries that the Senators have dealt with, and they remain in contention. Calder is tough as well, as no rookie has really exploded onto the scene. I went with Fasth, the Anaheim netminder, who's pulling plenty of starts from Jonas Hiller for a 1st place Ducks team.

Casey I really really tried to justify choosing someone other than Quennenville, but at the end of the day the Hawks run in the first half was too good to ignore. Let's see how badly they collapse in the second half.

I definitely agree that Crosby is running away with the points as he gets himself back up to his pre-concussion points/game rate. Only three guys have more points than he has assists, and he's no slouch in the goal scoring department either. He's definitely making it easy to pick him.

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Not so easy for me was the Norris Trophy. One of my biggest pet peeves about the awards is treating the Norris like it's an Art Ross Trophy for defensemen, and yet, that's exactly what I've done with my pick. Deep down, I really don't think Letang deserves the award, but a defensemen averaging a point/game is impressive.

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