Product Description

Bob Body Opponent Punching bag is a great partner for sparring techniques or target training.

It serves you like a traditional boxing punching bag but gives the user some targets to focus on, for self defense. Such as; eye gouging, ear slaps, strikes to the throat, kidney and stomach visuals. Using this type of visual sticking can help you defend yourself in case you are attacked. To learn more about this type of visual training visit the following link    Shop-read-178.html.

Bob is made of durable urethane foam so you can strike it with or without punching gloves. After you fill the base with water it weighs close to 300lbs. It weighs heavier if you fill the base with sand. It comes shipped in two oversized boxes. 7 Height adjustments from 60 inches to 78 inches, makes Bob a great value for your money.

Continental and no P.O. Box deliveries.