Solo Stretch

Solo Stretch

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Solo Stretch-You Tube Demonstartion

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Solo Stretch helps you maintain you’re balance while your learning your kicking positions. Watch the full Solo Stretch Instruction now available on You tube:

So l o S t r e t c h

Now that you’ve been introduced to kickboxing isn’t time to get you’re kicks up???
Solo Stretch helps you maintain you’re balance while your learning your kicking positions

Solo_man_shortsOnly 10 minute a day

can help you achieve newer heights in kicking








Solo_girl_blackYou can use Solo Stretch

for many other sports activities.

You read it over and over in

popular health magazines.

You will continue to read about the

important of flexibility in your

work out program.


Now you have a great opportunity to get better in flexibility because Solo Stretch will help you stretch better and faster.
Solo Stretch will be you’re best Stretch Partner.
It’s convenience and versatility is ahead of its time.
It’s portability allows you to take it with you on vacation, on the road, if you travel a lot and you can place it in you’re gym bag and take it to your health club.


It’s not a “Ballerina Bar”Solo_ballet
It’s not a “Kung Fu Bar”
It’s a Stretch Partner!

A stretching partner you can rely on.

Stretching while you’re standing is great for

balance and develops strength in your legs.



solo-demoSolo Stretch is for anyone who wants to be more flexible and wants to perform better. Dancer’s, Martial Artists, Tennis Players, Basketball Players, they all require stretching to improve they’re performance.And now you too can stretch to improve you’re health.
Don’t limit your body from flexibility, because it will keep you from full use of that great body of yours.

Solo_partsIts design is unlike any other stretching equipment out there.
An Aluminum telescopic Arrangement, fits between an 8 foot ceiling and floor or in you’re doorway.
The leg support is steel fabricated and adjustable at any range between floor level and 6 feet of height, with foam cushioning. Also included a workout video to help you maximize you’re New Solo Stretch. Instruction booklet, a wall chart and ceiling cup with necessary hardware.
Weighs only 5 lbs.





You Get:
More Balance, More Strength, More coordination, More Flexibility And More Power.


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