Double End Bags are great to improve one’s eye and hand coordination, hand speed and the opportunity to move quickly at a glance. With this Double End Bag we have corrected the problem that most Double End Bags have when trying to get it set up in your home. Most all Double End Bags leave you guessing on how to set up when getting it home and finding out that the cords you received with the target don’t adjust to your height and because of that, there’s no way you can mount the bottom hardware to your floor and be able to hit your target correctly. After using it once or twice YOU won’t use it very much and you’ll miss out on all that capability. OUR DOUBLE END BAG IS LIGHTWEIGHT, OUR CORDS HAVE PATEND HOOKS THAT YOU CAN ADJUST TO LOWER OR RAISE THE TARGET TO ANY ONE’S SHOULDER HEIGHT, (WHERE THE TARGET MUST BE IN ORDER TO GET PROPER TRAINING.) OUR CORDS HAVE A LOT OF FLEXIBILITY SO YOU HAVE TO MOVE FROM SIDE TO SIDE TO AVOID THE TARGET AND YOU DON’T NEED TO DRILL HOLES IN YOUR FLOOR TO GET THIS TYPE OF TRAINING.

In this package you get everything you need to get started the minute you get it home. Includes: Lightweight target, 10ft full elastic cords, and patent adjustable hooks, ceiling hardware.