Physical Success Boxing Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag

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Physical Success Boxing Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag


Physical Success Boxing Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag;

Product Description

Physical Success Boxing Fitness Inflatable Punching Bag;

Is our newest Inflatable punching bag toy. It is great for all ages.  We manufactured this design with the thickest PVC available for this type of design. It’s durable and it stands over 5 feet tall. With properly added water it weighs 40 pounds, so it’s not going anywhere.

  • Punching Bag is Rugged PVC construction.
  • Water or dry sand weighted base.
  • Larger diameter for more striking ability.
  • Taller than most kids punching bags.
  • Physical Success All About You! Brand. (Please read full description before making your purchase.)
  • Product description

    This inflatable punching bag is one of the best you will find anywhere. We’ve sold thousands of these inflatable punching bags for kid’s entertainment and training purposes. The reason we think this one is better because it is everything the other inflatable punching bags were but it is better balanced. It stands approximately 63 inches tall (Over 5 feet) and is a whopping 12 inches wide. When filled with approximately 6 gallons of water it weighs about 43 pounds. Slightly more if you prefer to use sand. If you consider using play sand for the weighted purpose the sand must be very dry otherwise it won’t move through a homemade or purchased funnel. It’s made of Heavy Duty PVC and if properly used should last until you decide to get a more conventional punching bag. NOTE: We found through experience from customers like you, although the inflatable design of plastic or PVC toys has approximately 0.3% defective rate. If you get one that is defective please contact us and we will replace it, or credit your account if you so choose to. Please do not write negative comments. It’s made of plastic and intelligent discretion should be used while playing with an inflatable punching bag. It’s designed with an anti-leak plug and screw cap and if you’re missing one or the other contact us and we will immediately send it to you first class.

    Thank you.

    We offer a 30-minute instruction download so you can learn how to maximize your Inflatable Punching Bag Experience.



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