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Kids Boxing Gloves with Physical Success Signature




Top grade Vinyl Boxing Gloves. Made with heavy padded construction for playing, sparring, or hitting a punching bag. 

Designed with a velcro closure for more protection. Our boxing gloves have been completely redesigned to conform to the shape of your kids for maximum comfort, grip, and support. Softer, more pliable top-grade vinyl is now being used in our boxing gloves for extra comfort and durability. We now use a Sorbo-shock grip and a combination of chosen foams, a smooth water-resistant satin lining has been added to provide greater comfort for your kids hands.

According to other parents feed back 2oz size for kids 2-5 years young/4oz size for kids 4-7 years young, 6oz size for kids 7-10. Depending on your child size sizes may very.

Here are some Amazon parents reviews:

My grandson loved the gloves and is punching away.

I got these for my 3 yr old girl (I wish they had other colors). They fit perfect and are going to last for a while, very good material.

My 3 year old loves them! Awesome quality.

I was looking for a pair of gloves for my 1 year old when i found these, i didn’t want those crappy kid’s gloves you find at Walmart of other stores that offer sporting good’s. there made really well and they fit good.


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2oz, 4oz, 6oz


Black, Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Red


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