University ruins its reputation...

The Wall Street Journal reported, "Penn State was fined $60 million, banned from post-season and bowl games for four years, and stripped of dozens of scholarships as a result of the Jerry Sandusky child-sex-abuse case. The NCAA also vacated the university's football-program wins from 1998 through 2011, meaning former coach Joe Paterno is no longer the winningest coach in major college-football history."

Years of hard work have been swept aside. A great university will have to pay a huge financial penalty that will keep it from applying that money to educational programs. The reputation of a long-standing university and the careers of hard-working individuals lie in a tattered heap.

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Ironically, their downfall was the very thing that drove them to success, a success-at-all-costs attitude. These people we're driven to win. Sandusky was a winner. So, they protected him with the mistaken belief they could sweep it all under the rug and it would simply go away. It did not. Now their careers, reputations and success have been wiped away. Gone. Simply because they valued success over doing the right thing.

When we are faced with a moral dilemma, when a decision seems to be crushing us, when we cannot decide which way to turn, we need to stop for a moment and ask ourselves, "What is the right thing to do, regardless of the consequences?"

When we do the right thing, sometimes we lose the brass ring laying in front of us. But we can sleep at night knowing we did right. Plus, that brass ring is often only a temporary mirage of success. Real success is measured when we look back on our lives and see a life well lived and decisions well made.

JoePa's image and reputation will be forever tainted. He is gone now and has no opportunity to make amends. But, his experience can be a reminder to us all. "Success" is a fleeting mirage that matters little in the grand scheme of life.

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Posted in Sport Post Date 03/25/2016