We all know Superbowl time is just around the corner!

We all know Superbowl time is just around the corner! And whether you're into the game, the food, the friends, or just the beer, it's a fun chance to see what ads come out as the product of millions of dollars spent on production and air time.

Of course, for those of us into advertising, it's a lot to take in. Luckily the internet makes it pretty easy for us to stay up to date and watch the commercials online so we can make our verdicts. One of the early releases this year is from VW (and you guys know how much I love me some Volkswagen!) but I have to admit I'm pretty underwhelmed by this spot from agency Argonaut.

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It's not that I think it's really a bad ad, I just think Volkswagen has higher standards. Yeah, it's a feel-good, cute little humorous spot. But is it innovative, edgy, cheeky, or superb like VW's more traditional ads? I think not. Plus I have to admit I'm a little curious about how audience reception will play out in this ad. With so many viewers on the lookout for reasons to criticize Superbowl ads, I wonder if VW might run into trouble for featuring all males working on the cars. The only woman in the ad is the young lady who slaps the engineer who accidentally made a pass on her. While it doesn't particularly offend me, I have to wonder if some of the audience might not appreciate VW's narrow-minded portrayal of the workforce. Just a reminder that with such an enormous audience as the Superbowl viewers, advertisers have to be extra sensitive to the unintended effects of their work.

I much prefer VW's award-winning ad, "The Force," which captured the hearts and smiles of millions of Superbowl viewers in 2011. While still uplifting and cute, "The Force" has the "it factor" or the "big idea" all advertisers are trying to find. It's universal enough to apply to all Superbowl audiences, but with just the right emotional twinge to hit home for each individual viewer. I think this ad is a lot more in line with Volkswagen's traditionally top-quality advertisements; apparently I am not alone, as this video also made it's way to being the most-shared ad of all time.

While "Wings" was a miss for me, I'm holding out for more creativity from some of the other brands this year! We'll see if my expectations are met on Feb 2!

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