Product Description

Our new Physical Success, boxing gear is all about YOU! When you wear the Physical Success gear you just can’t help but want to be fit. It is self-motivating and gets you to your next level of fitness. Wear it and feel the power! Our “IGNITE” your fitness level boxing gloves, are another positive advance you can make so that you continue to remind yourself to be Physically Successful as your way of life. The “IGNITE” your Fitness level Boxing Gloves are made of 100% Cowhide Leather made for a professional look and feel but are for all Corporate Fitness Minded Individuals. Guaranteed to “IGNITE” your fitness. Also a double wrist wrap was designed specifically to tighten your wrist for a more durable work out. These boxing gloves truly have state of the art technology and they are our best boxing gloves to date. Since we are branding Physical Success name we are letting you have them at half price. A great value for your money.

  • A combination of foams Added.
  • Guaranteed to “IGNITE” your fitness.
  • Double wrist wrap.
  • A reminder to be Physically Successful as your way of life.